Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Still Halloween, still watching terrible vampire movies so I had vampires on the brain still.  Sorry, this one is actually clean.

Spurned by Louis for ruining the carpet,  Lestat seeks new companions, only to find himself rejected for his physical appearance. 

Drawing this I realized something I noticed less on the initial drawing.  Aside from control, endurance is also going to be a major problem.  The way I draw these is to go in light intially and then attempt to go back in and do another pass to try in vain to make the linework suck slightly less.  Notice that Orlok's hands and features are a little cleaner while Radu's are a horrible mess.  That's because Orlok went first because he's cool and Radu sucks.  By the time I was trying to do second pass on Lestat and the environment my hand was failing completely to obey my mental commands.

Clearly I was overambitious drawing 3 figures and an 'environment'.

While drawing these the urge to grab the pencil with my right hand, just for a second, just to fix ONE feature is nearly overwhelming.  I have very limited use of my right hand.  I can, for example, print and sign my name when absolutely necessary on forms, but this act is painful and will undoubtedly slow the healing.  Which is unacceptable.

The bad art must continue.

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