Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Tonight I caught up on back episodes of Work of Art, which is a reality show where they take a bunch of promising artists and a bunch of shitty ones and throw challenges at them that would be interesting if the artists were given more than a day to work on them but instead they usually crash and burn in a hilarious way.  Today, the challenge was pop art.  At the end of the show I decided were I actually to have such a challenge, I'd like to do a modern style DC comic panel in the style of Lichtenstein, even though I hate Lichtenstein, but I think that would be interesting because the average person has no fucking idea how sexual and gratuitously sadistically violent superhero comics have gotten.

But I started drawing at the beginning of the show so I just decided to draw Lady Gaga as a Marilith.  Unfortunately the scanner cropped off most of the tail and the second set of arms and there is no way in hell I am spending time stitching together something like this.

 I made a major mis-step on this one by drawing a really skimpy costume initially and then adding stuff onto it I wasn't really feeling until it ended up a total unfocused, very not-couture outfit.. I wasn't using any reference and I've never drawn Gaga before.  I really admire her sense of fashion, but it only really overlaps with half of mine and rather than just doing the half that overlapped with mine I got all dumb-brained and phoned it in.  Lady Gaga would never respect that.

I'm sorry Gaga I have failed the eleganza.

Consequently this is the picture on here I'm most ashamed of and it's quite arguably the least hideous. 

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  1. You've definitely made fast progress in the technical quality. And the concept of the piece is pretty awesome - I'd love to see you revisit it at some point when you can do Gaga proud.