Monday, October 31, 2011


This is the real first post.  The other one was a decoy.  By the way, did I mention that this blog is going to be really, really not worksafe?  I probably should have said something in that respect.

Because it's halloween my boyfriend and I watched Vampire Diaries, which is a movie by the guy who made Subspecies.  Subspecies is fucking awful, but really entertaining.  Vampire Diaries is more of the same. Being a vampire would be sweet as hell, but the vampires in these movies are awful so I can see why that would be a horror thing, being sired by some complete sperglord and having to follow his orders around for eternity. But I digress. At one point I proclaimed "I bet vampires piss blood."  The conversation to drifted to other vampire bodily fluids, like sweating blood and bloodjizz because we are just incredibly erudite and classy.

So, when I grabbed my sketchbook and started in on my FIRST EVER nondominant hand drawing that wasn't a contest for shots at a bar, I asked him what I should draw and he said 'Lestat ejaculating blood'

This image is the reason this blog exists because I wanted to share it with someone but facebook makes the photo posts all big now and I couldn't justify this showing up in peoples news feeds.  I really felt like a stupid baby drawing this, figuring out how the fuck do I even hold a pencil in my left hand, with even writing simple letters being an epic struggle.  It's impossible to keep your morale up in that situation without drinking and drawing something that will make you laugh.

Today's confession: I am really bad at drawing penises even when I'm using my good hand.

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