Monday, October 31, 2011


Hellooooo, I'm Red and this is my blog.  Two weeks ago I tripped on the train of a floofy goth skirt in my six inch heels and caught myself with my right hand on the edge of a staircase in the exact worst place in the exact worst way.  For the technical amongst you, I have a chip fracture on the trapezium bone that sits just below the first thumb phalange of my dominant hand.

This is a problem guys.  I am in a splint for the next month, minimum and I cannot do jack shit with this fucked up right hand.  I was never a really great artist at 2d, but I can't work on my 3d portfolio, can't hold down an art related job, can't do my leatherworking, can't sew, can't paint, etc etc...

Have any of you seen scanners?  You know that bit where the sculptor is like my art keeps me sane... my art... SANE.  So the only thing to do here is start drawing with my left hand.  Which is a nightmare.  And everyone knows nightmares are more fun when you inflict them on other people too.

Welcome to my nightmare.

BTW here's a picture to prove I can draw.  It's kind of old and just a sketch but I'm on my boyfriend's computer and it's what is there.  It should be enough to prove to you that I'm not completely incompetent and scamming you with inauthentic pain and struggle.

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